Bronze Code: 717
Height: 7.5 In
Width: 5.1 In
Weight: 4.5 LBs


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Experience the majesty of a meticulously crafted Black Marble Lioness Sculpture. This unique piece of art is the brainchild of a renowned yet anonymous artisan, whose works have captivated art and animal enthusiasts alike. The embodiment of dexterity and attention to minute detail, this black marble sculpture is not just any decorative item, but the epitome of master craftsmanship.

Carved entirely from pure black marble, the sculpture effectively evokes a feeling of intrigue and mystery. The sophistication of the dark, lustrous marble adds a layer of depth, rendering it a timeless piece of decor. This high-quality material ensures that the piece will remain beautiful and durable for years to come.

What makes this sculpture stand out is its incredibly lifelike depiction of the anatomy of a lioness. It offers a study of the animal's physique that is so thorough that it's nearly as if you're observing the creature in its natural habitat. This emphasis on realism in art is a testament to the prowess and dedication of the anonymous creator.

Offered at a remarkably good price, it presents as a perfect gift realm. Particularly for those with birth dates between July 23 and August 23 under the zodiac sign Leo, often associated with the majesty and strength of the lioness, symbolizing bravery, nobility, rule, and regality.

Make a statement in your home, office, or give a gift that is not only aesthetic but carries meaning with our Black Marble Lioness Sculpture. This is not just a purchase; it's an investment in a piece of art that reveals more of itself the longer you gaze upon it.