Bronze Code: 699
Height: 5.9 In
Width: 12.6 In
Weight: 10 LBs


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This stunning piece of art is a testament to the phenomenal talent of European sculptors. Crafted with incredible charm and sentimentality, the sculptor remarkably embodies the semblance of a creature expressing sadness for an unknown entity. A gentle touch of melancholy is presented through the sculpture's beautifully depicted face nestled in its paws, suggesting a sense of contemplation or grief. The eyes of the sculpture will astound you; they speak volumes that words cannot articulate.

The sculptor displays exceptional attention to detail, meticulously outlining each strand of hair in a manner that brings the piece to life. The work heavily leans on the study of anatomy, illustrating its impeccability by respecting every nuance of the animal form's structure. The intricate composition of the sculpture tells you this: the master used not only his skillful hands but his rich understanding of the animal's physique, from the muscular curves down to the faintest hair on its body.

The statue is elegantly carved from red marble, a choice that only amplifies its beauty and elevates its aesthetic value. The rich, vibrant shade of red gives the sculpture a distinctive look, enhancing the overall impact whilst embodying sheer luxury. This particular choice of material complements the meticulous workmanship, weaving together a creation that is truly awe-inspiring.

This sculpture is exclusively sold as a pair with 'Lion Lying (right)', complementing one another to form a single harmonious composition. They blend perfectly, capturing the beholder’s attention with their combined magnificence. Buying both sculptures will not just add aesthetic appeal to your collection, but also constitute a full artistic statement of two pieces that perfectly integrate as one.