Bronze Code: 715
Height: 13 In
Width: 14.6 In
Weight: 30.2 LBs


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Experience the vivid power and brilliance of Antoine Louis Barye's, noted French animal sculptor, large interior sculpture 'Lion and Snake'. This sensational work is a renowned piece from Barye's portfolio, displaying his unique capacity to imbue plasticity with energy, ripples of volume and expression. The astonishing attention to detail is palpable, and akin to that of a jeweler's precision, offering a truly lifelike narrative.

The 'Lion and Snake' composition is mesmerizing in its dynamism, capturing a brutal battle between the king of the jungle and the elusive serpent in full swing. Measuring 33x37cm and weighing 13.7 kg, it's a robust and commanding piece that creates an impactful impression in any interior space. By brilliantly articulating muscle tension and intensity of the struggle, the sculpture successfully breathes life into an inanimate object.

Barye, a designer embodying a vigorous creative temperament, is highly esteemed for his remarkable capacity to confer human-like feelings, passions, and turmoil into his animal sculptures. The original of the masterpiece presently resides in Paris, within the prestigious walls of the Louvre, esteemed as one of the famous works of the accomplished sculptor.

In owning this notable piece, you become privy to the great Barye's world - a world steeped in dramatic animal portrayals that goes beyond aesthetics into the realm of deep emotion and power.