Bronze Code: 613
Height: 3.3 In
Width: 3.1 In
Weight: 0.9 LBs


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If you appreciate detailed, thoughtful artistry that intertwines colors and themes - the vibrant Viennese bronze pieces are sure to draw your interest. Stemming from the workshops of the renowned Franz Bergmann factory, each unique bronze sculpture showcases the intricate intricacies of Franz Bergmann's work - inviting an understanding of 19th century romanticism. 

From lifelike figures of humans and animals to depictions of playful butterflies, Franz Bergmann's creations breathe life and warmth into any room. The meticulously crafted details in every sculpture demonstrate the true skill of the Altoona-born artist. Every strand of hair, every texture on the animal's coat or human clothing is a testament to the painstaking effort that went into shaping these fascinating pieces. Even the tiniest features are not forgotten, leaving you to admire the astonishing amount of work put into developing each sculpture. Scenic representations of everyday life, bursting with color and humor, were a staple of the Bergmann factory, bringing laughter, joy, and a dash of charm to the homes of the 19th-century art aficionados they enchanted. 

Lovers of unique, high-quality art and homeowners seeking to add a touch of historical elegance to their décor will find these pieces to be a worthy addition. The Franz Bergmann factory's artistic prowess in crafting Viennese bronze is an enduring legacy, a testament to the artists' dedication to detailed, beautiful art in homes around the world. Drawing on a love for character, color, and duty to detail, these pieces are a fitting tribute to the delight often found in the minutiae of life.