Bronze Code: 604
Height: 6.7 In
Width: 5.1 In
Weight: 4.9 LBs


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Discover the intricate beauty of our author's work, a masterpiece meticulously sculpted on a sleek black marble. Introducing our tabletop dog statuette, a small yet impressive interpretation of your favorite canine companions, offered at a fantastic and unbeatable price.

Exhibiting exceptional workmanship, this statuette is an author's work and a testament to his extraordinary artistic skills and dedication. It artistically communicates the detailed anatomy of a dog's body in an exquisite manner quite unlike any other tabletop decor piece. With careful attention paid to every curve and contour, you can appreciate the realism and passion etched into every aspect of this beautifully rendered piece.

The black marble base material gives the statuette an air of sophistication, making it not just a tabletop item, but a conversation piece. The marble's reflective surface further enhances the aesthetic appeal of the statuette, making it a statement piece that commands attention.

This exquisite statuette is of a compact size, making it ideal for any desk, shelf, or table in need of a distinct art piece. Despite its smaller size, the statuette captures the eye, enticing viewers with its meticulous detailing and realistic portrayal. It's a versatile decor piece that easily blends with any interior design setting, from modern minimalistic apartments to traditional cozy homes.

Above all, this black marble dog statuette carries an affordable price tag in spite of its high-quality, intricate detailing, and exquisite craftsmanship. It presents an opportunity for art lovers, dog enthusiasts, and collectors to own an author's work without breaking the bank.

This unique work of art is more than just a tabletop statuette. It is a celebration of a dog's anatomy, a testament to an artist's skill and passion, and a fantastic addition to any art collection or interior decor. Get your hands on this affordable black-marble dog statuette - an exquisite representation of whoever wrote this description's love for canine companions and an opportunity to own a piece of their carefully honed craft.