Bronze Code: 736
Height: 8.7 In
Width: 5.1 In
Weight: 2.6 LBs


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Milo is an esteemed artist, renowned for his remarkable craftsmanship in interior sculptures. Each one of his creations is a statement piece, with undeniable decorative aesthetics that elevate any given space. Milo's latest masterpiece is an exquisite interior sculpture that serves more than just the purposed functionality, it becomes a focal point of conversations, a proud exhibition of high taste in aesthetics.

Hand-crafted by Milo, the sculpture holds a brilliant golden complexion that weaves a majestic aura around it. The breathtakingly beautiful, brightened gold shade doesn't just augment its visual appeal but is also symbolic of luxury and class. This exquisite piece adds a profound touch of elegance to your interiors, becoming an immediate eye-catcher for the guests.

Every aspect of the sculpture is a reflection of premium quality. It prides itself in being entirely composed of bronze, further enhancing the durability and authenticity of the piece. The sturdy bronze structure ensures it stands tall and proud in your space, exuding its grandeur.

Keeping your furniture in mind, this sculpture is also geared with a special soft fabric on its bottom. This thoughtful feature protects your valuable furniture surfaces from unwanted scratches, enabling you to place the sculpture without any apprehensions of damage.

Embrace the luxury of this mesmeric interior sculpture by Milo, a manifestation of ultimate sophistication. An incredible addition to your decor essentials that syncs with all interior themes while managing to stand out with its aesthetic grandeur! .