Bronze Code: 731
Height: 11 In
Width: 15 In
Weight: 21.6 LBs


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We are thrilled to bring to your world a piece of fine art, embodying the exceptional craftsmanship of renowned European sculptors. This massive, interior sculpture, measuring 28x38cm and weighing 9.8 kg, is a captivating representation of horses in full racing motion. Our artists have masterfully captured the energy, power, and grace of these majestic creatures, resulting in an impressive creation that leaves you breathless.

The emphasis of this splendid sculpture is not merely on aesthetic elegance. Amid the robust figures, powerful dynamism, and swiftness of the horses depicted, run the profound themes of unbridled freedom and effortless agility. In its grace and might, the sculpture radiates an atmosphere that is both commanding and uplifting, reminding the observer of the unconfined wonder of the natural world. This one-of-a-kind collectible item would be a compliment to any refined interior landscape.

Detailed to perfection, this decidedly large interior figurine reflects the perfect blend of aesthetics and narrative. Set to inspire, this prominent piece serves as a reminder of the untamed beauty and nobility inherent in nature, thereby making it a wonderful conversation starter. Its presence elevates the aesthetic quotient of your living space and adds an element of sophistication to it. The freedom, lightness, and strength the sculpture embodies allows it to effortlessly fit into and enhance every art lover's collection.