Bronze Code: 595
Height: 3.5 In
Width: 13 In
Weight: 5.5 LBs


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Introducing the exquisite art piece from the acclaimed Chinese artist Mike Lin – a modern day master of animal sculpture. Lin's magnetic work has won hearts and plaudits worldwide, making him a revered figure in the field of animal reality sculpture. Driven by a deep understanding of and affinity for animals, his creations offer an incredibly realistic portrayal of animal anatomy and characteristics. This passion, combined with his undeniable talent and craftsmanship, transforms his sculptures into a testament of the magical interplay between art and nature.

The extraordinary 2013 model solid bronze sculpture by Mike Lin serves as an epitome representative of his repertoire. The stunningly portrayed creature exhibits a remarkable level of detail and realism that could only arise from a sculptor deeply in tune with his muse. Standing at a medium size of 33 cm in length and weighing 2.5 kg, the statuette demonstrates Lin's innate ability to distill the essence of his chosen subject. Each curve, line, and textural detail mirrors the distinct features of the breed, yielding an awe-inspiring experience for art lovers and animal enthusiasts alike.

Every element of Lin's sculpture is brought to life with pure bronze underpinning his extraordinary execution at the highest level. There's a raw elegance and unspoken dialogue in his works, setting the stage for an immersive visual narrative. This centerpiece would elevate any collection or space, whether at home or in a gallery, increasing its aesthetic and intellectual value. Mike Lin's animal sculpture is indeed, a must-have masterpiece, striking a balance between art and reality.