Bronze Code: 741
Height: 7.9 In
Width: 8.7 In
Weight: 3 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the harmonious unity of art and nature with our high-quality, expertly crafted animal sculptures. Originating from the skilled hands of European sculptors, each piece is a masterpiece that successfully epitomizes the majestic grandeur of a deer and its elegant calf. Every sculpture masterfully portrays the intricate details of deer anatomy, poignantly capturing the delicate, juvenile structure of the calf.

Striking a perfect balance between imagination and reality, the sculptor has lavished utmost attention on small details, especially the vivid replication of the animal's skin. On its almost seamless body, each villus is prescriptively etched, resulting in an astonishingly realistic visual impact reminiscent of a real animal's coat.

While the deer is revered for its nobility and grandeur, its symbolism infuses deeper meaning into the sculpture. With roots in the literature and music of yore, the deer embodies the solitary path of purity, a distinguished vision of nobility against the backdrop of strife. Its depiction often a counterpoint to the goat, representing impurity throughout the epochs of Medieval period. Beyond just livening your interior or exterior decor, it adds a layer of philosophical profundity that bounds to invoke reflection.

This sculpture is more than an artistic masterpiece; it serves as a statement piece that invites discussion about art, wildlife, medieval symbolism, and human values. Every admirer, every viewer, is bound to appreciate the conspicuous craftsmanship that combines timeless European artistry, comprehensive study of wildlife anatomy, and more nuanced symbolic meaning.