Bronze Code: 622
Height: 16.7 In
Width: 7.3 In
Weight: 8.9 LBs


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Introducing our exquisite, high-quality bronze falcon sculpture, a work of art meticulously crafted by skilled European sculptors. This distinctive showpiece embodies the essence of the majestic falcon, revered in Russian folklore as a symbol of a young warrior. It's a perfect gift for hunters or any man who shows bravery, dexterity, and nobility.

Each intricate detail throughout the 42cm high sculpture is a testament to the dedication of our artists. With careful attention to every centimeter, especially to the intricate structure of the bird's plumage, this magnificent representation of the falcon reveals a superior level of craftsmanship. You're investing in more than a sculpture; you're owning a piece of art where each feather tells a story of extraordinary finesse and skill.

The sculpture is notable for its size and heft. Weighing over 4kg, this artwork is crafted entirely from pure bronze, not just coated or cast with it. With its substantial size and weight, this piece is designed to be a centerpiece that immediately catches the eye and captivates the room.

Our collection includes three sizes of falcon sculptures, among which this is the largest one. With its imposing size, unmatched detail, and raw material, this falcon is the king amongst his kin. As a unique symbol of exceptional hunting prowess, exceptional vision, agility, and swiftness, this falcon sculpture breathes life into any space it adorns.