Bronze Code: 807
Height: 11 In
Width: 11.8 In
Weight: 19.4 LBs


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We're excited to showcase an exquisite, large interior sculpture of an elephant that's sure to enliven any space. Measuring 30x28cm and weighing 8.8kg, this artisan-crafted piece brings a charming touch of wildlife into your home or office. Renowned for his or her exceptional attention to detail, the artist has imbued this decorative piece with remarkable realism, ensuring every fold and curve of the elephant's skin is meticulously sculpted.

If you're an aesthetic connoisseur seeking unique interior art, or a wildlife aficionado with a fondness for elephants, this piece would make an ideal acquisition. It's also an excellent gift option for those who admire these majestic creatures and the meanings they symbolize. In various cultures, elephants represent wisdom, strength, power, and prudence—attributes that are beautifully reflected in this opulent indoor sculpture.

Available for a limited time, the craftsmanship, depth of detail, and weight of this elephant sculpture highlight the mastery of the artist and offer unrivaled character and personality to your living or working space. Consider this piece as a standalone decorative item or as part of a larger collection—it's bound to take center stage. Celebrate the elephant's distinctive symbolism and add a touch of natural sophistication to your interior decor with this truly unique creation.