Bronze Code: 624
Height: 8.5 In
Width: 6.3 In
Weight: 8.2 LBs


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Discover our most popular eagle head figurine model, beloved by many for its superior craftsmanship and affordable pricing. With the perfect average size of 21.5cm, it fits beautifully and seamlessly into any space, adding allure and a touch of bold elegance.

Every little detail is thoughtfully handcrafted- from the intricate attributes of the plumage to the majestic sharp gaze of the eagle. The precision and expertise with which our artisans have kept each feather distinguishable from the others is truly a sight to behold. The fine features of this statue are a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship involved.

Our photos showcase all three available sizes: small, medium, and large; providing a simple way for you to choose the right fit for your taste and space. The eagle head figurine displayed is the average-sized model, boasting an equal blend of both subtlety and grandeur.

Reflecting the qualities of pride, bravery, and strength, this eagle head figurine makes a wonderful gift for the resilient and ambitious individuals in your life. Not just a mere decor, it's a symbol of tenacity and courage, making it a fitting present for leaders and visionaries.

The image of this royal bird doesn’t just complement your interior decor; it enhances it and fills your home with a sense of greatness and charisma. Let the powerful presence of the eagle head figurine transform your space into a hub of vigor and spirited personality.