Bronze Code: 601
Height: 9.4 In
Width: 16.9 In
Weight: 21.6 LBs


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Introducing a captivating large bronze sculpture illustrating the electrifying moment of a hunt, when dogs fervently chase a duck. This unique art piece splendidly immortalizes the raw emotions and primal instincts that define our natural world. Stretching an impressive 43cm in length and weighing in at a substantial 10kg, this powerful sculpture offers a fascinating focal point in any setting.

The artist behind this creative masterpiece demonstrates skillful craftsmanship, employing meticulous detailing to bring this hunting scene to life vividly. With precision and finesse, they carve out the intricate relief of the animal bodies, showcasing the lithe muscles of the hunting dogs and the smooth feathers of the fleeing duck. What truly sets this sculpture apart is its ability to portray emotions with startling realism.

The intensity of excitement and aggression seething in the dogs is palpely exhibited in their poised bodies and the raw determination in their eyes. Equally impressive is the representation of the duck, whose desperate resistance against the inevitable is vividly depicted. This intricate portrayal of animal behavior showcases the artist’s profound understanding of wildlife and their unparalleled ability to replicate it in their work.

The bronze used in creating the sculpture radiates an authentically vintage aesthetic that only gets better with age. Acquiring a glorious patina over time, this metallic medium further enhances the art piece's overall allure. The largeness of the item, in addition to its substantial weight, speaks of its high-quality composition and durable structure.

Ideal for admirers of art, wildlife enthusiasts, and especially hunting aficionados, this piece serves as a perfect gift that speaks volumes of the giver's refined taste. Inspire awe and appreciation with this stunning representation of life’s intense struggle for survival in the wild.