Bronze Code: 744
Height: 9.4 In
Width: 16.1 In
Weight: 31.3 LBs


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Feast your eyes on this remarkable representation of the beauty in the animal kingdom - an original piece by the renowned French animal sculptor, Thomas Francois Cartier. Born in Marseille, Cartier dedicated his life to the understanding and portrayal of the majestic animal kingdom with an undeniable passion and devotion that shines through in the awe-inspiring detail of his work.

Cartier's sculpture demonstrates a high-level mastery of his craft, as seen in the meticulously detailed anatomy of the animal body and subtle hints of musculature. His dedication to authenticity and his ability to capture the beauty of the Animalia translates to a creation that does not only reflect the magnificence of its subject but also pays tribute to the meticulous artistry of its creator.

Measuring at an impressive 41cm and weighing a solid 14.2kg, the sculpture evokes an imposing and striking presence, making it an imposing centerpiece in any living space and a distinguished gift for the avid hunter or seasoned art collector. Furthermore, it is a testament to Cartier's standing as a distinguished figure in the art world and a shining example of his prized works.

After studying modeling under the tutelage of Georges Cardet, Cartier specialized in animal depiction, marking his signature style that would lead him throughout his illustrious career. His notable achievements include exhibiting his works at the Paris Salon in 1904, where he consistently held a formidable presence until 1927 when his remarkable talent earned him a Gold Medal - the highest accolade at the event.

The Paris Salon, the most significant French art exhibition known for exhibiting works of world-renowned artists and sculptors, recognized Cartier's gift, further cementing his influential standing in the realm of sculpture and solidifying his contributions to the world of art. Owning this piece is an opportunity to become a part of the rich tapestry of this accomplished artist's storied journey and a token of refined taste for the discerning collector.