Bronze Code: 740
Height: 13 In
Width: 9.8 In
Weight: 11 LBs


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Nick is not just an author, he’s an artist. His work, a magnificent exemplification of artistic realism, showcases his dedication to capturing the true essence of nature. Nick's scrupulous attention to detail is particularly noticeable in his mesmerizing depiction of the anatomy of a deer. He skillfully portrays every curve and contour of the deer's form, creating a lifelike resemblance that is nothing short of breathtaking.

What separates Nick's work from the rest is his detailed study of the animal's skin. He meticulously explores every texture, giving the sculpture an extraordinary tactile dimension that invites touch. The detailed execution of the deer's hide mirrors the creature's natural environment, adding to the realism of the piece.

But his uniques don't stop there, the base of his sculptures deserve equal praise. Nick pays special attention to the minutest elements, carefully replicating plants, and the aged driftwood that form the base of the work. He doesn't simply sculpt animals; he recreates their habitat, crafting a masterpiece that captures the very essence of wilderness.

Nick's work is a deep dive into the complexities of nature, a stunning union of art and the animal kingdom. It’s a captivating combination of his artistic talent and his profound appreciation for the natural world, making each of his pieces a rare treasure for art connoisseurs and nature lovers alike.