Bronze Code: 664
Height: 17.7 In
Width: 7.5 In
Weight: 21.4 LBs


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Capture the vibrant beauty and charm of the exotic avian world with our Colored Parrots Family Statuette. This stunning bronze sculpture is a brilliant fusion of artistry and craftsmanship every fine art enthusiast and bird-lover will cherish.

The beauty of our Colored Parrots Family Statuette lies in its intricate details. Each parrot, finely sculpted and cast in high-grade bronze, displays enchanting features that bring the birds to life. The artist’s skilled craftsmanship is evident in the painstakingly detailed feathers, ever watchful eyes and the graceful curvature of the parrots' bodies. The parrots are presented in a playful, familial setting, adding an endearing touch that lends personality to each character.

Brilliant hues of vibrant verdant green, eye-catching yellow, and striking royal blue are expertly applied, infusing the bronze sculpture with life and warmth. The hand-applied patina and sophisticated coloration techniques that utilize unique color compounds and high-temperature processes result in a rich palette that captures the distinctive colors and shine of exotic parrots.

Constructed from durable, high-grade bronze, this captivating parrot statuette ensures superior longevity and is capable of maintaining its eye-catching aesthetics both indoors and outdoors. It's a perfect choice for enhancing your home décor, or for lending a tropical flair to your garden or patio.

Reflecting an exquisite blend of realism and abstract charm, our Colored Parrots Family Statuette is a unique piece of art that makes a perfect gift item for wildlife enthusiasts, bird lovers, art collectors, and those who appreciate fine art.

Buy the Colored Parrots Family Statuette today, a stunning addition bringing a touch of tropical elegance to enhance any home or garden setting.