Bronze Code: 615
Height: 3.5 In
Width: 3.1 In
Weight: 0.4 LBs


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Delve into the world of unique sculptural miniature art with our exquisite Viennese bronze figurine, created by the acclaimed Franz Bergman factory. These figurines hold a special place in the art world, representing an extraordinary genre hailed for its intricate details and exceptional quality.

Viennese bronze figurines are characterized by their petite size, though they certainly do not compromise on quality. Crafted skillfully by hand, every single figurine is a testament to the attention to detail and fine craftsmanship which goes into producing these miniature pieces of art. Each element is painstakingly worked upon to incorporate the minutest details, enhancing the overall intricacy of the piece.

No wonder then that Viennese bronze is recognized worldwide as an emblem of quality, which is exemplified in the miniature figurines crafted by the Franz Bergman factory. The authorship of Bergman ensures that every figurine is not just a piece of art, but also a collector's item highly sought after by art connoisseurs.

This particular Viennese bronze figurine features a charming genre scene with animals, a popular theme in this style of art. The playful narrative and vivid colours, hand-painted onto the bright bronze base, make for a delightful, uplifting sight. This figurine does not just serve as an exquisite piece of art, but also as an excellent gift choice, especially for photography enthusiasts who would cherish this precious snapshot of creativity and craftsmanship.