Bronze Code: 610
Height: 7.5 In
Width: 13.8 In
Weight: 4.9 LBs


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Embrace the charming, quirky nature of cat-kind with our captivating 'Cats off the Shelf' figurine. This remarkable piece in our collection is the epitome of an ingenious blend of humor, art, and creativity. See our irresistibly cute cat figurine precariously dangling off a bookshelf, giving you an amused glance, and adding a playful touch to your home.

The feline figurine's comically relaxed pose is sure to draw a smile from anyone passing by. The dangling yet laid-back demeanour of our cat figurine is a manifestation of a cat's uncanny ability to claim any space as its own, even the edge of your bookcase. This figurine captures the whimsical spectacle of a cat spilling over a shelf, in classic nonchalant feline style.

Authenticity and individuality define the artistic prowess of the designer behind this product. The creator was inspired to instil the figurine with a distinctive personality, reminiscent of the iconic cartoon character, Matroskin from Prostokvashino. Consequently, the cat figurine features exaggeratedly large paws, taking a humorous jab at a cat's agile yet graceful manoeuvrability.

Aside from being a fantastic conversation starter, this 'Cats off the Shelf' figurine is also a functional piece of furniture. It's a unique approach to merging fun and functionality, making it a perfect addition to your home, especially if you're a cat lover. With this figurine, we present to you not just an art piece but a delightful encounter with the enchanting world of cats.