Bronze Code: 729
Height: 11.8 In
Width: 6.3 In
Weight: 8.6 LBs


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Delve into the world of art and equine beauty with this exemplary feat of craftsmanship. This artistic design is not just the brainchild of an emerging talent – it's the work of an experienced European sculptor who has been honing his skills for years. Finesse, creativity and detail are stamped in every corner of this magnificent piece, making it nothing less than a masterpiece.

With a keen eye for detail, the sculptor has expertly crafted the horse's mane and head, giving the piece a realistic touch and an air of authenticity. A whirlwind ride of swirls and twirls, the mane seems almost alive, sparking an illusion of movement within the static piece. Delving into the featured head, one can observe the intricate detailing that adds an element of life to the composition.

More than just a decorative object, this European sculpture is cleverly designed to embody the significance of the horse. A symbol of power, grace, and freedom, the horse in this sculpture represents not just the physical attributes but also the spirit of the noble creature.

Whether you're a connoisseur of art or someone born in the years of the horse (1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014), this sculpture stands as a perfect gift. It serves as an artistic icon, a piece of home décor and a tribute to those who resonate with the horse's symbolism.

Its style is timeless, the craftsmanship unrivaled and the significance magnanimous. Gifting this sculpture shows thoughtfulness, great taste, and an appreciation for art. Adorn your space or gift it to someone special, this European sculptor's work paints a picture of beauty and symbolism that speaks volumes.