Bronze Code: 774
Height: 14.6 In
Width: 17.3 In
Weight: 8.9 LBs


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This resplendent Large Bull Sculpture, meticulously crafted and standing tall at 44cm, embodies majestic aesthetics and supreme grandeur. Casted from over 4kg of pure, high-quality bronze, this tangible piece of fine art, rendered with painstaking detail and precision, exudes a dazzling, imposing presence. It's meant to be mounted firmly on the wall, providing a captivating, 3-dimensional facet of natural realism to your indoor decor.

A masterstroke in sculpture design, it showcases the uncompromised beauty of the animal kingdom. The defining highlight of this piece is the detailed interpretation of the animal's muzzle – the ridges, the texture, the lifelike precision, an artistic representation that leaves you marveling at its authenticity. Each intricate detail manifested in this supreme quality bull sculpture is an individual homage to the art of detailed craftsmanship.

This megastructure serves as a sublime piece of furniture for meat restaurants, adding a touch of rustic charm and understated elegance. It invites gazes, sparks conversations, and sets an unforgettable ambiance enhancing the overall dining experience for your guests.

Not just restricted as a decor to restaurants, it also makes an exquisite gift, especially for those born in the year of the bull. Those born in years 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, or 2009 under the zodiac sign Taurus will find this large bull sculpture particularly endearing and symbolic.

Created by esteemed and world-renowned sculptor (provide name if known), this wall-mounted bull sculpture is not just a piece of decor; it's a statement of style, a testament to superior artistry, and a pride of place in any setting it adorns.