Bronze Code: 757
Height: 11 In
Width: 16.5 In
Weight: 16.1 LBs


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Make a grand statement with our majestic Bull Exchange sculpture. With its stunning golden bronze finish, this magnificent piece excellently captures the power and resilience famously associated with Wall Street. Towering at an impressive 42 cm in length and weighing nearly 8 kg, this is the largest sculpture in our assortment. It perfectly embodies the thriving spirit and determination of the world's financial markets.

Inspired by Arturo Di Modica's legendary 'Attacking Bull' - also known as the 'Wall Street Bull' - this sculpture is a less imposing yet equally symbolic rendition of the original masterpiece. Every fan or participant of the stock market would be able to appreciate its rich historical references a testament to resilience and recovery from the financial crash of 1987 that Di Modica himself had witnessed.

Every detail in this sculpture has been meticulously crafted from high-quality bronze to recreate the dynamic energy and imposing stature of the original Wall Street Bull. In addition, its majestic size is all the more accentuated when you compare it with its three smaller counterparts in our catalog, as shown in one of the accompanying photos.

This elegant bronze bull sculpture is a fantastic gift idea for those in the stockbroking field, current participants in the stock market, or any finance enthusiast in your life. Beyond being a striking decorative accent, it is a symbolic reminder of the bullish spirit in the financial market. Holding this sculpture, you can almost feel the raw power and optimism that is Wall Street.