Bronze Code: 765
Height: 7.1 In
Width: 13 In
Weight: 6 LBs


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Discover the artistic creation of a highly skilled Russian sculptor. A beautifully crafted large sculpture of a bull, demonstrating an exceptional understanding of the animal's anatomy. Every intricate detail of the bull's body has been thoughtfully represented, from the staggering relief of its muscular structure to the slight creases and folds around the neck and legs.

With an astonishing level of accuracy, this exquisite piece artfully encapsulates the raw and primal power of the bull. This compelling piece of art brings a distinctive charm and a hint of industrial sophistication to any space. Resting it on the mantelpiece or coffee table, it is sure to steal the show.

Meat restaurants will find this piece particularly compelling as it represents the origin of their culinary pride. It's a surefire conversation starter and adds a rustic, rugged charm to the dining area. For gourmet meat establishments, this muscular bull sculpture proclaims an appreciation for the meat industry's roots.

Along with being an exceptional interior decor choice, this large bull sculpture is an ideal gift for anyone born in the Year of the Bull according to the Chinese zodiac (i.e. those born in 1937/49/61/73/85/97/2009). The sculpture has both a unique appeal and a rich cultural significance, making it a talking point and a cherished possession.

This piece is not merely a static item on display but a living commentary on the magnificence and robustness of the bull as an animal. It's a tribute to the sculptor's ability to bring a sense of life and movement to an aesthetic creation. The accurate representation of the animal's anatomy in the sculpture reflects an extensive understanding of its form, which is sure to impress both connoisseurs and casual observers.