Bronze Code: 670
Height: 4.1 In
Width: 5.5 In
Weight: 1.9 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the rich artistry of Russian craftsmanship with our heirloom quality, expertly cast statuette. This sophisticated piece boasts a splendid blend of heritage and elegance, bringing an antique allure to your decor. Rigorously made in Russia, this statuette embodies a timeless charm that resonates with the soul of Russian artistry.

The remarkable weight of the statuette lures you into an authentic experience. Almost completely cast with thick walls inside, this exquisite craft is proof of the intricate work that has gone into its making. The substantial weight not only ensures it stands firm as a piece of decor, but it also validates its robust and durable design. With such admirable heaviness for its size, the statuette reaffirms its fantastic quality every time you hold it in your hands.

Adding to this splendid statuette's appeal is its patina finish. True enthusiasts will appreciate the earthy color that so gracefully ages this piece and gives the impression of an antique artifact. The surface patina of the statuette is meticulously achieved to evoke an old-world charm. The result is a beautiful piece that looks like it has gracefully weathered the toll of time, proving its classic nature and timeless appeal.

In the myriad of mass-produced items, this statuette provides a breath of fresh air. Celebrate the uniqueness of Russian craftsmanship, add an enduring touch to your collection, or gift someone this priceless piece of art. For those seeking a genuinely unique, flawlessly engineered decorative object, this statuette is an undeniable piece of artistic brilliance.