Bronze Code: 746
Height: 13.8 In
Width: 10.2 In
Weight: 9.7 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of animal sculpture with our meticulously crafted bronze antelope, a manifestation of the extraordinary talent of celebrated animal sculptor, Milo. Our exquisite antelope sculpture brims with grace and elegance, reflecting a profound sense of natural beauty and realism that can only be attained through superior craftsmanship.

Milo, a prodigious sculptor renowned for his adroitness in accurately capturing the intrinsic features of animals, has brought this nimble creature to life in stunning detail. From the gentle curve of its horns to the delicate grace of its slender limbs, the bronze antelope sculpture manifests a seamless blend of artistic precision and creative flair.

This particular piece doubles as a testament to the sculptor's affiliation with the esteemed School of Fine Arts, a lauded institution that fosters European sculptors and embodies the rich legacy of figurative art. Created through the time-honoured tradition of bronze casting, Milo's antelope sculpture mirrors the artistic ethos that sets the School of Fine Arts apart.

Milo's bronze antelope also strengthens the association with our sophisticated art gallery in Turin. Partnered under the unified brand of Milo, our gallery showcases a plethora of sculptures intricately cast according to the models designed by the School of Fine Arts. These sculptures hold a mirror up to the unfettered fascination and captivation of their original models, breath-taking in their depth and realism.

Perfect for any homeowner looking to infuse their interior decor with an element of natural charm and grace, Milo’s bronze antelope sculpture is more than just a decorative piece – it is a portal into the fascinating world of animal artistry. Witness the veritable blend of art and nature, realised at its best, in our bronze antelope sculpture.