Bronze Code: 735
Height: 8.3 In
Width: 4.7 In
Weight: 3.7 LBs


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Experience the eloquence and charm of our Bronze Book Holders, endowed with the stylish aesthetics of blissful peacocks. This pair of book holders are designed for people who value sophisticated and functional home decor, giving a stern yet intriguing touch to your personal space.

Each peacock is a work of sophisticated craftsmanship, made from premium bronze that's covered with an alluring green patina. The artist's hands-on approach in creating these bronze peacocks offers a distinctive character to each piece, elevating their appeal and uniqueness.

The base of the book holders is crafted from enduring stone, offering much-needed stability to keep your books and documents tidily organized. The stone base, coupled with the bronze peacock, creates a harmonious blend of rustic charm and refined grace for your interior palates.

Installed on a table, a bookshelf, a closet or any usual place where papers and documents may pile up, these bronze peacock book holders make organizing an effortless chore. Not only do they keep your areas orderly, but they also add an interesting, ornamental aspect to your furniture.

The price quoted is for a pair, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking to enhance the look and feel of their decor while maintaining orderliness. As this unique piece caters to both your functional and artistic seeks, it's indeed an item that doubles up the value for your money.

As for dimensions and weight, the details should be noted for a single peacock. Each of the bracelet bears equal, well-balanced proportions crafted with attention to detail. This pair is as much a practical accessory as it is a spectacular, timeless piece of decor.