Bronze Code: 917
Height: 11 In
Width: 5.5 In
Weight: 5.4 LBs


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Introducing the elegantly crafted sculpture by renowned artist, V. Gudko. The stunning piece of art brings to life the provocative character of Ellochka, from the famous Ilf and Petrov novel, 'The Twelve Chairs'. This exquisite sculpture brilliantly captures the allure and charm of a young girl who was entirely engrossed in the euphoria of clothes and the glitz of social life.

This incredible artwork from V. Gudko transports us back to the roaring NEP era, a time that was brimming with delight and raucous celebrations. It reminds us of an era when cabarets and restaurants proliferated as the pivotal hub of recreation. The era that gave birth to timeless songs such as 'Bubliki', 'Murka', and 'The blue ball is spinning and spinning'

Undeniably, the NEP era has left an indelible mark in our hearts and memories. With Gudko's unique artistic touch, this seemingly bygone era is brought back to life in this splendid Ellochka sculpture. Key imageries from the novels 'The Twelve Chairs' and 'The Golden Calf' are meticulously reflected, offering viewers an immersive trip down the memory lane.

Whether you are a veteran collector of sculptures, an avid reader of Ilf and Petrov, or simply someone who appreciates high quality artistry, this beautiful Ellochka sculpture from the capable hands of V. Gudko will be a valuable and timeless addition to your collection.