Bronze Code: 243
Height: 10.6 In
Width: 5.9 In
Weight: 4.6 LBs


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Gift the luxury of celestial elegance with our unique collection of bronze sculptures inspired by the zodiac sign, Taurus. Designed by renowned Danish artist and fashion designer, Christel Marott, ours is a special collection that captures the true essence of each astrological sign with striking artistic perfection. A brilliant blend of chic Scandinavian style and timeless elegance, these bronze figurines are sure to add a touch of sophistication and zodiac charm to your homes or workspace.

Christel Marott (1919-1992) is globally acclaimed as a pioneer in her field. During the mid-80s, she created a captivating series of sculptures modelled on the twelve zodiac signs. Each of these masterpieces is an exceptional reflection of the unique attributes of the zodiac sign it represents, rendered in Christel's distinctive sensual style, juxtaposing facets of innocence and decadence.

Our Taurus figurine, crafted with extreme finesse, exudes layers of personality and depth. The Taurus sign is noted for its steadiness, tender extremity, and a penchant for the earthly, tangible pleasures of life. Unhurried, reliable, and appreciative of culinary delights, the Taurus individual is one who finds pleasure in tranquil simplicity. Our Taurus figurine embodies this stillness, the harmony, and serenity associated with this earth sign in the form of a graceful, yet slightly guarded figure.

A physical reflection of divine zodiac traits, each sculpture was originally produced by the distinguished Danish Porcelain factory, Royal Copenhagen. As bronze recreations of the original porcelain zodiac figures that have now become a signature of the brand, our collection of bronze Taurus figures offers you a tangible piece of celestial art.