Bronze Code: 47
Height: 6.7 In
Width: 10 In
Weight: 11.2 LBs


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Welcome to the world of Spanish sculptor, Juan Clara (1875-1958), the master behind some of the most captivating Art Deco style sculptures in existence. With a career spanning over decades, Clara made his mark in art history with his emphasis on evoking bright and immediate emotions through his works.

Specializing in the Art Deco style, Juan Clara is celebrated for his unique ability to portray a variety of emotions with authenticity and immediacy. His genius is especially evident in the faces of his subjects - the boys and girls that come to life in his sculptural pieces. Joy, sadness, resentment, fun – each expression is captured with unparalleled clarity, giving his sculptures a timeless appeal that speaks volumes about the human condition.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Juan Clara's sculptural works is the ways in which he conveys emotions. In one of his most famous pieces, three laughing children are captured mid-laughter, their joy infectious and palpable. The expressiveness of each child's pose, unique in its detail, is a testament to Juan Clara's mastery of his craft.

Infusing his works with a sense of vibrancy and liveliness that is rare to find, Juan Clara's sculptures stand out in their vivid depiction of life's various emotions. Whether it's the laughter of children or the serene grace of a woman, each figurine tells a story, leaving a lasting impact on all who lay their eyes on them.

Explore the world of Juan Clara, an authentic master of the Art Deco style, and allow yourself to be moved by the fluent expressions of his subjects. His heart-stirring sculptures are proof of his talent for creating works that are as emotional as they are aesthetically pleasing.