Bronze Code: 223
Height: 12.6 In
Width: 7.9 In
Weight: 7.7 LBs


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This captivating sculpture is based on and embodies the grandeur of 'The Persistence of Memory,' an iconic painting created in 1931 by the renowned Spanish surrealist, Salvador Dali. This exemplary fine art reproduction serves as a tangible interpretation of one of the most recognizable and widely reproduced works by this prodigious artist.

Made memorable for its surreal and striking imagery, 'The Persistence of Memory'—or as it's known in its myriad folk iterations, 'Time Profile,' 'Flowing Time,' 'Soft Clock,' 'Memory Hardness,' 'Memory Durability'—inspires through its symbolic representation of the mutable and mercurial nature of time and space. This evocative sculpture echoes that transformative genius, making it a standout addition to any art collection.

Just as Dali was influenced by the groundbreaking theory of relativity proposed by Albert Einstein—and intriguingly, the physical observations of processed cheese—this sculpture likewise encapsulates and celebrates those unique elements. The result is a stunning three-dimensional piece that prompts reflection, dialogue, and appreciation.

While the original painting was the product of Dali's inventive brilliance and creative spark, this sculpture fantastically represents the painter's vision for a wider audience. This high-quality reproduction offers an opportunity to relish in Dali's creative genius, making it a must-have for art enthusiasts and collectors alike.