Bronze Code: 250
Height: 10.2 In
Width: 7.5 In
Weight: 6 LBs


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Inspired by the twelve unique astrological signs of the Zodiac, the iconic Danish sculptor Christel Marott (1919-1992) presented the world with a series of miniature masterpieces. Acclaimed globally for their blend of innocence and sophistication, Marott's Zodiac sculptures reflect captivatingly complex attributes akin to the inherent traits of the signs they represent.

In a mutually beneficial enterprise, Marott joined hands with Royal Copenhagen, the well-known Danish porcelain factory, to materialize her artwork. The collaboration birthed a spectacular collection of porcelain delicate enough to rival the creativity she instilled in each piece, thereby becoming a signature of Royal Copenhagen. To cater to diverse preferences, we are proud to present the revered collection in bronze, maintaining an equilibrium of classic allure and modern elegance.

Just as each zodiac sign is layered with multifaceted traits, so are Marott's sculptures. Vivid in detail and possessing an ethereal charm, each piece truly encapsulates the spirit of the signs. They are at once fair and generous; outwardly helpful and exhibit friendliness. They symbolize brave ventures into unexplored ventures, metaphorically representing our quest for knowledge, our innate desire to travel, explore, discovering hidden truths. A mirror to the confounding enigma that is the human persona, Marott's creations effuse a self-confidence that is neither threatened nor shaken, even in the face of challenges.

Whether it's the leadership of an Aries, the balancing nature of a Libra, or the restless enthusiasm of an Aquarian - Marott's enchantingly beautiful artwork flawlessly illustrates a gamut of personalities, providing not just decorative value but also insightful observations into one's zodiac attributes. These figurines make a perfect addition to any space, infusing an element of other-worldly charm and a dash of mystical appeal.