Bronze Code: 234
Height: 18.5 In
Width: 16.9 In
Weight: 15 LBs


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Experience a transformative journey of art appreciation with this remarkable, large, author's Sculpture - a fine work of modern art that exemplifies uniqueness and timeless beauty. Measuring a substantial 47x43cm, this sculpture advises not just an artistic statement but also serves as an inspiring reminder of the transformative power of creativity and imagination. The artist behind this creation builds upon the aesthetic principles of modern art, delivering a piece that consistently catches the attention and stimulates dialogue in any setting it adorns.

The unique hand-painting technique employed to bring this artistic vision to life consists of an artful blend of various color hues, providing a pronounced decorative effect. This eclectic color burst, much like the varied brushstrokes in abstract painting, ensures the sculpture perpetually retains its charm, preventing you from ever growing weary of its presence. Whether it is placed in a bustling living room corner or a tranquil study nook, this diverse piece is sure to enhance your interior design's symphony with its outstanding style points.

A perfect exemplar of high-quality craftsmanship, this style piece offers more than just visual appeal, embodying an artistic spirit that promises to enrich your favourite spaces. If you are in search of a unique gift for those born under the 'Pisces' zodiac sign, look no further. This work of art imbued with the inherent whimsical nature of Pisces, making it a suitable and thoughtful choice.

Adorn your living spaces with this extraordinary, one-of-a-kind piece of modern art sculpture, and let it offer an unforgettable visual journey that you and your guests will enjoy for years to come.