Bronze Code: 205
Height: 5.9 In
Width: 3 In
Weight: 2.3 LBs


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In a world saturated with noise, politics, and foolishness, an escape to tranquility and wisdom is a breath of fresh air. Allow us to offer you this through our meticulously crafted statuette named 'I don't see.' The impressive ornament solemnly embodies one of the famous Buddhist wisdom: 'I don't see evil and stupidity.' The physical embodiment of this phrase is designed to enlighten and inspire the mind towards a path of selectivity and detachment, a cornerstone in the practice of Buddhist teachings.

This exclusive statuette is not just a symbol; it is a story represented in tangible form that invites its observers into an exploration of one's self-awareness, disengagement from negativity, and pursuit of inner peace. Although the statue measures only 15 cm in height, it carries an overwhelming weight, physically and symbolically. The solid bronze creation weighs over 1 kg, making it a substantial, enduring, and palpable reminder of the teachings it represents.

Intricately detailed and stunningly finished, the 'I don't see' statuette will serve as an enlightening addition to your home or workspace decor. It will inspire conversation and provoke thought, encouraging a closer walk with wisdom. The powerful message coupled with its exceptional craftsmanship makes this bronze statuette a truly remarkable piece and a timeless companion in your journey towards enlightenment.

More than an object, this piece is a mindful and valuable investment—a representation of your commitment to the pursuit of wisdom, sincerity, and clarity. This statuette captures the essence and vitality of Buddhist teachings and serves as a gentle reminder to surround ourselves with positivity while subtly discarding the unnecessary evils and stupidity that life may throw at us.

No matter where you place this, it will be a beacon, representing your commitment to personal growth and continuous learning. This beautifully crafted bronze statuette is more than an ornament; it is a symbol of wisdom, a call to mindfulness, and a testament to the righteousness of thought and perspective. Embrace the 'I don't see' philosophy with this meaningful adornment and make a statement that reflects your pursuit of truth and knowledge.