Bronze Code: 3
Height: 8.7 In
Width: 6.7 In
Weight: 9 LBs


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Behold an exquisite piece from the notable series of the so-called 'bums' statuettes. Every piece from this collection, including this one-of-a-kind bronze statuette, possesses a unique charm that does not fail to leave a mark. At 22cm, this medium-sized tabletop statuette adds an element of fascination to any space it graces, while stirring an appreciation for the erudite artistry that contributed to its creation.

Crafted from over 4kg of pure bronze, the sculpture exudes quality, longevity, and expense. The piece symbolizes high-taste and the endurance of valuable objects, clearly illustrating that it is a product of dedicated craftsmanship. With its intriguing finish, the surface of the statue is purposely fashioned to be rough, contrary to the ordinarily smooth finish of most sculptures, thus adding to its unique appeal.

Standout in its design and finish, this statuette holds a touch of irony. Ideal for adorning a salon interior, it would make an exceptional gift for hairdressers. Its captivating presence makes it a perfect object to instill additional character to a beauty salon. Its distinctiveness creates a talking point for clients, stimulating interesting conversations about its uniqueness and quality.

Beyond the aesthetics and prestige that this bronze figurine brings, it reflects a class that only comes with refined artefacts. Unveil the masterful effort behind each fine detail and appreciate the inspiration drawn from everyday life, embodied in a piece that suits both traditional and modern interiors. Let this charm-filled piece command attention and praise in any space it occupies.