Bronze Code: 20
Height: 9.1 In
Width: 3.3 In
Weight: 2.2 LBs


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Introducing 'The Boy with the Pigeon', a truly captivating statuette created by the renowned German sculptor, Julius Schmidt-Felling, during the early years of the 20th century (1895-1930). Part of an enigmatic pair of collectible figures, this piece beautifully juxtaposes its counterpart, 'The Bad Boy', in a poignant display of divergent upbringings.

This meticulously crafted figurine showcases Felling's unrivaled skill in infusing lifelike expression into his creations. Here, the boy, impeccably dressed and holding a pigeon, emanates innocence and charm. His refined attire and the delicately handled bird in his hands offer a telling glimpse into a well-nurtured background - a stark contrast to the street-educated character symbolized in 'The Bad Boy'.

In 'The Boy with the Pigeon', the clothes, the era, even the expressively captured emotions are an embodiment of Felling's arrestingly precise articulation of his subjects. This testament to the vastly diverse family orientations and societal impacts on children during the 20th century remains a masterpiece amongst Felling's array of sculptures, confirming his undeniable talent.

Steeped in history, echoing a powerful narrative, and representing Felling's groundbreaking contribution to the world of sculpture, 'The Boy with the Pigeon' is more than a collectible figurine. It's a remarkable slice of the past, preserved in intricate detail, that continues to inspire and provoke thought about contrast in societal upbringing. With each viewing, you'll uncover another layer of the story that this unique piece of artwork narrates. Truly an item worth treasuring for its rich, artistic value shielded within its delicate form.