Bronze Code: 158
Height: 12.6 In
Width: 6.7 In
Weight: 4.2 LBs


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Drawn from the masterful hands of European artist Cesaro, this stunning tabletop statuette is an exquisite representation of his artistic prowess. Standing at a modest 32cm, the compact size does not hamper the impact of this powerful piece. The figure portrays a girl, suspended in the very act of releasing an arrow. Cunningly designed with the meticulous use of right angles, Cesaro has masterfully shaped the geometry of the girl's form, creating a vivid, dynamic representation of feminine strength and precision.

Cesaro's enchanting vision freezes a seemingly transient moment, capturing it in timeless stasis. The tension as she prepares to launch her arrow is palpable, contrasted by the delicate movement of her hair and dress, gently ruffled by an intangible breeze. Light and fluid, yet earth-bound with strength and determination, the dichotomy delineates Cesaro's signature style and interpretative prowess.

The figurine's face presents a study of concentration and determination. One cannot overlook the seriousness and intensity in her eyes, communicates a story, a purpose, an unwavering commitment. The artistry in the expression truly reflects the European sculptor's uncanny talent to invoke profound emotion by depicting realism in the realm of fantasy.

As a piece of interior décor, this elegant, stylish tabletop figure is not just a decorative addition to space, but it adds an artistic dimension to your living or workspace. It stands as an ode to sublime artistry and human-inspired design. A remarkable art piece such as this is more than just decor; it is the embodiment of artistic vision and testament to Cesaro's genius.