Bronze Code: 34
Height: 7.5 In
Width: 3.3 In
Weight: 2.1 LBs


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Revel in the alluring allure of Art Deco craftsmanship with our Julius Schmidt-Felling Viennese Bronze Statuette. Carried out with the exquisite opulence of the Art Deco period, this gem captures the unique blend of modernity and antiquity, made even more compelling by its play of colors and proper scuffing that gives it an aged look.

The statuette is a magnificent rendition of a classic motif resonant of 'Viennese bronze', a style that was famously favored by Art Deco masters. This particular model boasts of a palette that strikingly differs from the usual brown, thereby promising a more diverse and vibrant blend of hues. Despite its colorful twist, it still manages to retain the time-worn charisma of an old-world masterpiece.

This piece is part of a pair, specifically designed to display a contrast - 'The Bad Boy' and 'The Boy with the Pigeon'. Here, we present to you 'The Bad Boy' statuette - an embodiment of the luring paradox of innocence and mischief. With an aura of sophistication that sharply portrays a boy who's grown up on the street, this piece is a testimony not just to the subject's character but also the sculptor's meticulousness in detail and expression.

The artist behind this captivating piece is Julius Schmidt-Felling, an acclaimed German sculptor who contributed significantly to the Art Deco movement during the early 19th century. His remarkable ability to infuse life into bronzed metals has solidified his reputation as a true master of his craft, and this 'Bad Boy' statuette is a testament to this.

Explore the captivating world of color, design, and timeless craftsmanship with our Julius Schmidt-Felling Viennese Bronze Statuette. Perfect as a standout piece in your home décor or an exceptional gift for Art Deco enthusiasts.