Bronze Code: 103
Height: 15.4 In
Width: 7.1 In
Weight: 6.4 LBs


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The Dancing Girl, a remarkable work of European sculpture, is a splendid feat of craftsmanship that encapsulates the intricate aesthetics of movement, emotion, and form. Standing at a perfect medium-sized height of 39cm, this unique tabletop statuette embodies elegance and style, capable of adding a touch of sophistication to any interior décor.

This mesmerizing piece is a testament to the creative genius of Bruno Zach (1891-1935), a renowned Austrian sculptor known for his masterful portrayals of the modern woman. Enrapturing with her dynamic dance, the statue's subject is a perfect representation of Zach's artistic vision. With her anatomy in complex motion, one can almost hear the faint rustle of her dress and dancing shoes.

Zach's sculptural narrative captures not only the movement of his subjects but also their emotions. This piece is no different as the dancing girl's expression speaks volumes, radiating an intensity that mirrors complete immersion in her dance, a silent testament to her freedom, determination, and ebullience. It's this masterful capturing of emotion, coupled with smooth anatomical renderings that make Zach's work a thoughtful conversation starter.

The innovative spirit of the emancipated Austrian society of the 1920s is prominently mirrored in Zach's works. Known for sculpting unapologetic feminines – women in leather pantsuits, cancan dancers, and eccentric ladies in petticoats – Zach’s heroines redefined the idea of femininity during a time of radical change. This sculpture is a genuine reflection of his vision: emphasizing the liberated, self-empowered woman.

Thus, each sculpture by Bruno Zach tells more than just a story; they recite a captivating tale of time, context, and dramatic shifts in societal norms. Bring a piece of aesthetic history to your living space with this beautifully sculpted dancing girl.