Bronze Code: 102
Height: 13 In
Width: 3.5 In
Weight: 2.4 LBs


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Proudly introducing our tabletop statuette of medium size, standing 33cm tall. Embellish your home or office space with this meticulously designed and exquisitely handcrafted home decor item. The statuette exudes an air of tasteful elegance and timeless style that will instantly elevate any room's aesthetic appeal. Its crisp and bold black paint finish brings an edge of sophistication to the piece.

Our statuette, like many works of art, transcends the boundaries of conventional meaning. Rather, the beauty and aesthetic value lies in the eyes of its beholder. Each viewer is able to find a unique interpretation, and appreciate the statuette from their own perspective. It is a piece that invokes thoughts, stimulates conversations, and personalizes your space. Whether you lean towards minimalistic design or embrace grandeur, this statuette seamlessly fits into any interior design schema.

Despite its apparent simplicity, this black painted statuette is capable of commanding attention the moment one enters the room. The versatility of this work is that it can serve as an excellent centerpiece on your coffee table or an artistic addition to your curated bookshelf. Wherever you choose to place it, it will certainly bring a refined and stylish touch to your interior space. Indulge yourself in this piece of art that gracefully blends functionality and beauty.

This statuette serves as an excellent gift for art lovers, collectors, and enthusiasts. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, congratulating on a new home, or simply expressing gratitude, it acts as a charming keepsake that can be cherished for years to come.