Bronze Code: 217
Height: 12 In
Width: 4.9 In
Weight: 4.7 LBs


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Step into the whimsical world of the talented and prolific French sculptor, Emmanuel Tuno, celebrated for his unique artistic range and extraordinary skill manifested through his numerous creations. One of his enduring legacies includes a delightful series of troll sculptures, captivating audiences with their infectious smiles and refreshing displays of good mood.

A true masterpiece from Tuno's repertoire, this collection encompasses a total of ten distinct trolls, each strikingly different in pose, each holding unique objects and united by a theme of positivity reflected in their wide, joyous smiles. Sculpted meticulously, these troll figurines convey a fascinating narrative, bringing an enchanting lightheartedness that’s sure to add a touch of charm to any space they inhabit.

Tuno's conceptual skill shines through in each troll's individuality. The diverse tireless poses, the different objects each troll holds, the synchronization of this differentiation with a common theme all exemplify Tuno's artistic prowess. These troll statues from Emmanuel Tuno aren't merely art pieces, they're stories carved in material, subtly giving life to inanimate matter.

Born in 1914 and having worked until 1979, Emmanuel Tuno has left behind a legacy of artistic brilliance. Gifted with incredible efficiency, Tuno experimented with different sculpture streams and yielded a diverse spectrum of fascinating pieces that have captivated art enthusiasts around the world. This troll series is but a mere fragment of his creative genius, representing his passion for extracting joy and intrigue from the seemingly mundane.

Whether you're a long-time art devotee or simply wanting to make your living space more captivating, Tuno's troll series is a must-have. These sculptures bring viewers into a delightful fantasy, casting away the dullness of everyday life, and inviting them to share in the trolls' infectious happiness.