Bronze Code: 218
Height: 8.3 In
Width: 3.9 In
Weight: 3.8 LBs


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Unveiling a delightful collection of whimsical sculpture art, Tuno continues to envelope his audience with his exquisite artistry. This series is specifically anted up with the charming depiction of ten trolls, showcasing different activities, exhibiting various poses, yet united under the indicative wide smile and a contagious good mood. Each piece is engagingly lively and expressive, sure to set a jovial tone in any space.

Emmanuel Tuno (1914-1979), the creative mind behind these charming collectible trolls, has etched an indelible mark in the world of sculpture. Tuno, an influent French sculptor, was known for his impeccable prowess in crafting awe-inspiring sculptures. From classical styles to modern sculptural pieces, his workmanship seamlessly shaped various ideas into tangible delights.

Similar to his many outstanding creations, this collection of trolls reflects his unique approach and his ability to capture life in every piece he endeavored. The lively expressions, engaging poses, and coordinated objects add a distinctive persona to each troll. Tuno’s craftsmanship truly shines through these delightful collectibles, making them a must-have for art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Beloved for his efficiency and talent, Tuno's sculptures always leave a lasting impression. Their appeal rests not only with their aesthetic charm but also with their ability to evoke emotion and joy. These ten troll sculptures from Tuno are a testament to the artist's extraordinary ability in transforming a piece of material into delightful figures brimming with life. These are not just pieces of art, but gleaming embodiments of Tuno’s creativity and vision.