Bronze Code: 126
Height: 10.2 In
Width: 4.7 In
Weight: 4 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of classical art with this exquisite sculpture by the renowned French artist A. Carrier. A rich portrayal of feminine beauty, this piece has been skillfully brought to life by the masterful hands of Carrier-Belleuse, one of France's most celebrated sculptors in history. Inspired by his favored model, Sophie Croisette, this sculpture emanates an air of coquettish and seductive allure that is impossible to overlook.

The esteemed sculptor, Albert-Ernest Carrier de Belleuse, flourishingly practiced the art of sculpture and painting during the mid-19th to late-19th century. His tutelage under David Angersky at the prestigious Paris School of Fine Arts laid a solid foundational expertise that fueled his celebrated career. Carrier-Belleuse's debut in 1851 at the high-profile Paris Salon marked the start of a profound journey in art that has left a legendary mark in the realm of sculpture.

The remarkable impression he made on the art industry quickly garnered him large-scale fame in Paris, and he ultimately became Napoleon III's favored sculptor. In 1867, Carrier-Belleuse's indisputable talent led him to receive the Legion of Honor, France's most esteemed award that further underscored his artistic prowess. Later, in 1876, he served as the artistic director of the Sevres Porcelain Manufactory, upholding distinguished practices in the art industry.

Albert-Ernest's artistic forte wasn't just limited to accomplishing splendors of his own – he was also a mentor to several who sought to follow his path, including the likes of Auguste Rodin and Mathurin Moreau. His impact as a mentor magnified the influence of his art in the realm of sculpture.

Delicately hand-covered with a green patina, the detailing of the girl's hair and clothing in this sculpture imbue the bust with a notable aesthetic appeal. This unique piece, reflecting the fruit of Carrier-Belleuse's art education and illustrious career, is a must-have art artifact for any classical art enthusiast.