Bronze Code: 195
Height: 14.2 In
Width: 5.1 In
Weight: 7.2 LBs


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For art lovers and sculptors around the world, this piece by a reputable European sculptor is an absolute gem. The artwork truly represents the elegance of European fine art and the traditions intrinsic to its culture. The sculpture, relatively large with a 36 cm dimension, oozes impeccable craftsmanship and an aesthetic appeal that's second to none. The primary feature that separates this artistic piece from the rest and brings it to the pinnacle of creativity is its subject—a young girl, skilfully crafted and delicately detailed.

Although the subject is a young girl, our seasoned European sculptor does not enclose her within the boundaries of idealization or sexualisation. Instead, the artwork exudes innocence, passion and a deep sense of immersion in the harmony of music. It is a perfect embodiment of the magic of melody and the impact it has on youthful vibrancy.

Apart from its concept, what truly makes this sculpture shine is its incredible and stunning colouration. The unique use of colours breathes life into the sculpture, giving it a vivid, bright, and decorative effect. It's an exquisite European sculpture that adds a zing of dynamic energy to the room with its charismatic and vibrant presence.

This exceptional sculpture by the European artist seamlessly integrates traditional motifs with modern artistic sensibilities. It's not just a sculptural figurine; it's a piece of timeless fine art: full of passion, filled with music, and glowing in bright hues. Capture the essence of European artistry with this exquisite piece by the widely-acclaimed European sculptor.