Bronze Code: 157
Height: 9.3 In
Width: 3 In
Weight: 1.8 LBs


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Discover the mesmerizing art deco world within the illustrious creation of Demetre H. Chiparus (1886-1947). A pioneering master of the Art Deco movement, Chiparus' artistic genius is vividly encapsulated in this charming figurine of a young girl. Dating back to the early period of the author's work, this figurine admirably portrays Chiparus' then newly emerging theme of creating delicate and intricate small figurines of children and young girls.

Enthralling you with its candid and heartening image of a young girl washing her face after waking from sleep, this figurine brings forth a refreshing aura. It unearths an enchanting world of innocence and simplicity. Its striking pose and intricate details allow you to feel Chiparus' quintessentially nostalgic aesthetics where each piece tells a heartening story.

Radiating the elemental freshness of morning routines, this figurine paints a light-hearted picture of a young girl's world burgeoning with curiosity and vitality. Her delicate actions and detailed composition strikingly capture Chiparus' ability to weave stories through his figures. The figurine is designed with utmost precision and creativity, showcasing Chiparus' exceptional talent in understanding the subtleties of human expressions and body language.

Conceived at an important juncture of his career, this early-phase work of Chiparus stands as a testament to his noteworthy artistic journey that navigated and helped shape the Art Deco movement. This piece is a beautiful confluence of youthful energy, immaculate craftsmanship, and artistic vision. A timeless masterpiece by one of the foremost sculptors of the Art Deco era, it emanates a unique blend of nostalgia and timeless appeal that is signature to Chiparus' work.