Bronze Code: 237
Height: 11.8 In
Width: 12.2 In
Weight: 11.2 LBs


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Unveiling the masterwork by Paolo & Edgar, we present an opulent artistic creation that will transform any space into a nest of eloquence and style. This meticulously crafted bronze sculpture is a testament to the pedigree of European sculptors and their unique ability to capture the magic of monetary magnates in palpable form.

Measuring a substantial 31x30cm and weighing over 5kg, this isn't just a figurine - it's a statement piece. Every inch of this magnificent work of art has been astutely worked, with each symbol artfully sculpted into the bronze surface to provide a rich texture that invites tactile exploration. Finely detailed and color-highlighted, these raised symbols contribute to the overall aesthetic beauty and lend depth and dimension to this stunning figure.

Whether it's the centerpiece that brings together your office decor or the final touch to your home library, this bronze figurine is sure to elevate your interior. With its exceptional quality and robust aesthetics, it is a representation of your individualistic style, portraying an exquisite taste for artistic flair.

For the financier or successful businessman, this figurine evolves from a mere decoration piece to a token of admiration and respect. It signifies prosperity and wealth, making it a perfect gift for those who've marked their achievement in the financial world. Present it as a tasteful symbol of esteem to your mentors, clients, or friends, and watch it translate into a prized possession in their valuable collection.

Experience the captivating allure of 'The Magician of Money' - a sophisticated testament to European sculpturing legacy, crafted with precision, passion, and an unwavering dedication to detail.