Bronze Code: 167
Height: 14.6 In
Width: 8.3 In
Weight: 13.2 LBs


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Presenting a masterclass of finesse and artistry, an alluring Art Deco statuette created by accomplished Austrian sculptor Josef Lorenzl (1892-1950). Inspirited by the liberal aura and free-spirited feminine nature of the Art Deco era, Lorenzl’s creations depict an unmatched reverence for the female form.

Depicting a poised aristocrat lady accompanied by a noble greyhound, the Lorenzl figurine is infused with salient erotic aesthetics. The statuette, standing at an impressive 37 cm and weighing in at 6 kg, perfectly personifies the sublime beauty and strength of the feminine aesthetic, as seen through Lorenzl's artistic vision. The air of sensuality is further emphasized by the sleek attire of the lead figure, which instead of hiding, highlights her sexual appeal.

Embodying elegance in each curve and stroke, Lorenzl’s statuette features elongated, skinny female figures marked by their long legs and thin, delicate fingers – characteristics that have come to define his iconic, stylistic flair within the Art Deco realm. The holistic style of the composition, encapsulating not just a female figure but also the graceful greyhound, demands attention and admiration.

Being a contribution of Lorenzl, celebrated as one of the most talented sculptors of the Art Deco era, this sculpture is a testament of the class and sophistication of the era, and of Lorenzl’s innovative approach to encapsulating femininity and sensuality in his works.