Bronze Code: 231
Height: 21.7 In
Width: 13.8 In
Weight: 27.6 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the world of high-end art with this remarkable sculpture crafted by an elite European artist. This masterpiece encapsulates the soul of a gymnast in resplendent detail, showcasing the artisan's earnest devotion to realism and grandeur. The considerable size of the sculpture, measuring 55x35 cm and weighing 12.5 kg, makes it ideal for sprucing up large rooms and creating an overall captivating ambiance.

Staying true to the principle of aesthetics, the sculpture exudes a radiant, decorative effect, thanks to its vibrant color palette. The coloring is prudently applied to enhance its beauty while maintaining an excellent balance of light and shadow, griping the attention of all the art lovers at the first glance.

The astounding artistic flair of the sculptor becomes highly evident in the scrupulous depiction of the gymnast's body. Every curve, every bulge is carved impeccably, making the artwork come alive. The intricate detailing of the sculpture will make you appreciate the meticulous workmanship and the masterful conception of human anatomy.

The true brilliance of this artwork lies in the feminine and unforgettable face of the gymnast that has been carved exquisitely, reflecting her beauty and grace. The sculptor’s keen observation and skilled rendition of the slightest nuances contribute significantly to the marvelous reality of the sculpture.

Take home this exceptional piece of art and add a new dimension to your interior decor. With its grandiose and meticulous design, this high-quality sculpture crafted by a renowned European artist is an investment worth your consideration.