Bronze Code: 233
Height: 7.9 In
Width: 9.8 In
Weight: 5.1 LBs


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Discover the endless beauty of the human form encapsulated in our exclusive sculpture collections. Curated from the most celebrated sculptors globally, our collection embraces the allure of the athletic body. These sculptures cast a spotlight on the physical grace of athletes, gymnasts, acrobats, and ballerinas - posed in semi-nude or nude form, capturing a perfect visual harmony that aligns with today's art trends.

Our offerings expand frequently with the addition of new pieces that echo this popular artistic approach. Ensure to visit our store regularly to view our updated stock!

One of our prized collections is this exquisite 25cm tabletop sculpture, weighing 2.3 kg. The deft hands of Cesaro, a renowned, contemporary sculptor have chiseled it. Known for his commitment to showcasing the intricacies of the human body through his artistry, Cesaro captures not just the aesthetics, but also the human body's dynamic strength. His work provides a conversation piece, adding flair to any room.

Decorating your space with sculptures from artists like Cesaro enriches your environment, demonstrating an appreciation for global artistry, contemporary sculpture trends, and the beauty of the human form in motion.

Bring the sophistication of a museum into your home or office with Cesaro’s medium-sized masterpiece - a testament to the active human body's grace and power. This item is more than a decor accessory. It is an art conversation starter that links you with connoisseurs worldwide.