Bronze Code: 165
Height: 15 In
Width: 8.7 In
Weight: 9.5 LBs


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We are proud to present a sensational work of art from the renowned artist, Cesago. Capturing an authentic Italian charm, this large sculpture measures at an impressive height of 38cm and boasts a stunning finish with a vibrant decorative effect. Crafted with extraordinary attention to detail, the subtle intricacies can be seen in every aspect of this masterpiece. From the lifelike facial features of the girl to her slender fingers and the delicate petals of the flowers, every detail has been meticulously reproduced to create a piece that truly stands out.

The aesthetic appeal of this sculpture is further enhanced by its stunning color palette. The use of color imparts a unique, captivating charm, creating an elegant and stylish piece that is sure to draw the eye and start conversations. The enduring allure of this sculpture testifies to the artist's mastery and passion, making it an essential purchase for serious collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

Beyond the compelling aesthetics of this stunning piece, lies the rich legacy of its creator. Cesago Lapini, the founder of the Cesaro brand in the late 19th century, was an esteemed Italian sculptor, known for his exceptional craftsmanship and detailed work. Today, the Cesaro brand is synonymous with high-quality sculptures and is a revered institution, boasting a school and a series of workshops. In our continued collaboration with them, we offer a wide range of sculptures, all painstakingly crafted to reflect their original models, celebrating the timeless appeal of Cesago's style.