Bronze Code: 140
Height: 12.4 In
Width: 3.9 In
Weight: 4.6 LBs


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Introducing the exquisite work of Milo, an accomplished European sculptor known for his attention to detail and penchant for capturing the essence of his subjects in an enchanting way. His latest work, a beautifully detailed sculpture of a young girl, is fast becoming a sought after piece in the art and interior design communities.

The young girl, barefoot and radiating with childish innocence, is a refreshing sight. Milo's meticulous attention and devotion to the details of the girl's dress is evident in the numerous folds, creating an impression of flow and movement. The resulting effect brings a breath of freshness and lightness, making this sculpture a truly outstanding piece.

This elegant and stylish item is not merely a work of art, but an opportunity to bring a touch of European artistry into your home. Its versatility ensures it perfectly fits into various interior design styles, whether you're leaning towards modern, minimalistic, or traditional styles. More than being a wonderful gift for art enthusiasts, it's also a sublime addition to your home, adding a unique touch to its aesthetic appeal.

Immerse yourself in Milo's world, appreciate the beauty of his work, and feel how the young girl's image enhances your living space. Embrace this chance to own a piece of art created by Milo, whose every creation is an intersection of skill, emotion, and marvel.