Bronze Code: 220
Height: 17.3 In
Width: 6.3 In
Weight: 21.4 LBs


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Experience the splendour and timeless elegance of our exquisite sculpture, crafted from the purest white marble. The marble sculpture's heavy weight, nearly 10kg, underscores its truly impressive nature, mirroring its grandeur and lending an irresistible allure to this magnificent piece. A masterpiece in itself, our marble sculpture promises to become the apex of your room's decor and a worthy jewel in your furniture ensemble.

The exquisite whiteness of the marble enhances the alluring appeal of the sculpture, making it an eye-catcher in any home or office. Each stroke, each inscription, every minute detail intricately carved on this white marque hints at an unequaled level of craftsmanship. Its weighty stone does not just speak of the sculpture's robustness, but it also conveys considerable solemnity and grandeur. With its monumental heft, this sublime marble work possesses a commanding presence that dignifies any space it occupies.

Our marble sculpture is not just a product but a testimony of the sharp sense of aesthetics and exceptional artistic prowess. The stately silhouette carved from white marble reflects an intricate design that harmoniously blends in and enhances every interior style, be it modern, classic, or contemporary. Its exquisite white marble evokes an aura of ageless beauty and luxuriousness that transcends trends and adds an extraordinary touch to your decor.

Each piece, meticulously crafted, is as unique as the vein patterns distributed across the fine marble surface. The authenticity of the marble, taken from the heart of Italy's most renowned quarries, contributes to the aesthetic appeal and ensures that each piece remains a unique work of art. This is more than just a sculpture; it is the perfect blend of art and architecture reflecting the rich history and culture embedded in the ageless beauty of marble.